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how your strength again, make persistent efforts —— Chengdu Datang Communication Cable Company imported Maillefer insulation foaming line installed and accepted and put into production

May 24, 2022

Recently, the imported Maillefer 5G high-end network cable insulation foaming production line of Chengdu Datang Communication Cable Co., Ltd has passed the acceptance and was put into formal production. The production of this line has equipped Chengdu Datang with the production capacity of high-end digital cables such as Category 7 and Category 8, which has further enhanced the production capacity of Chengdu's network cables and strengthened Chengdu Datang Cable's leading position in the network cable industry.

latest company news about how your strength again, make persistent efforts —— Chengdu Datang Communication Cable Company imported Maillefer insulation foaming line installed and accepted and put into production  0


In recent years, through effective market strategy and high-quality products, the company's network cable orders have increased rapidly year by year, and the existing equipment capacity was unable to meet the delivery requirements of market orders. At the same time, with end users’ communication demand increases and the development of communication technology, network cable products gradually developed from CAT.5 and CAT.6 to higher-end CAT.7 and CAT.8. Based on the above demands, the company has launched the first phase of "1 million Cases of High-end Digital Cable Project". Through the introduction of the world's most advanced insulation foaming line, stranding machine, cable formation line, etc., it has successfully achieved the expansion of the annual production capacity of 200,000 boxes network cable.

The project was originally planned to be carried out by building a new workshop, but considering the progress of infrastructure and other reasons, the project team decided to install the equipment of the Phase I Project in the old workshop and put into production quickly to meet the demand of the market. The Equipment Department has re-planned the equipment layout of the old workshop and the relocated the equipment for installation. According to the project schedule, the installation and operation of SETIC stranding machine and cable forming equipment have been completed first. The import insulation line with the longest delivery period is the last line of the first phase of the project, and is also the most complex and difficult to install and commission. The production line requires high precision in installation and strict control of production process. Colleagues from the equipment department, technical department and production workshop worked together and cooperated closely to complete the installation and commissioning efficiently. But the most difficult part was that the product process debugging of the production line was originally carried out by Maillefer’s foreign experts on site, but they were unable to enter China due to COVID-19. Maillefer's Chinese engineers are less confident because they have never debugged this product processes before. Based on the progress requirements of the project, we ask Maillefer to find a way to advance the commissioning process, and our project team provides them with all possible assistance. The equipment department, with its familiarity with similar equipment, solved the equipment problems in the product debugging in a timely and efficient manner; the production workshop, with its experience and judgment of the production process, provided many very effective suggestions for the product debugging; the R&D technology department's profound knowledge of network cable products was demonstrated in the product process debugging, assisting Maillefer's Chinese engineers to solve one problem after another. Finally, the commissioning of the three high-end network cable products (Cat 6A, CAT 7, CAT 8) agreed in the contract was successfully completed and the production line was put into formal production. This is the first time that Maillefer's insulation line has been commissioned by all Chinese engineers!

The Imported production line has a very high production efficiency and product quality. After production line was launched into operation, the first phase of our company "1 million boxes of high-end digital cable project" is successfully completed, the company's annual production capacity of network cable increased from 500,000 boxes to 700,000 boxes. At the same time, we possessed the future development of CAT.7 and CAT.8 of high-end network cable production capacity, so that our network cable products in the market brand, product technology, production scale are on a higher level! Our company is one of the few domestic manufacturers with such comprehensive strength! Great work by our equipment department team!