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Choose either a shielding system or a non-shielding system for wiring?

May 24, 2023

In the Generic Cabling System project, the selection of shielding cabling systems or unshielded cabling systems has been troubling many users. Unshielded systems and shielding systems have a wide application basis. How to choose, we should first analyze the difference between a shielding system and an unshielded system.

  1. Structure difference

The unshielded digital cable is only wrapped by one layer of insulation sheath, which is divided into four pairs of 8 different color lines. The effect of twisted pairs is to minimize the influence of electromagnetic radiation and external electromagnetic interference as far as possible.


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Datang Cable six types of unshielded digital cable

Shield digital cable is a use of metal mesh woven layer (STP) or aluminum foil (FTP) to wrap up the wire pair, shielding is to isolate external electromagnetic interference and the system itself to the external radiation of electromagnetic interference.


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Datang Cable 8 types of double-shielded digital cable

  1. Application difference

Unshielded digital cables are mainly used in weak environments of electromagnetic interference, such as commercial buildings, housing, education and other units.

Shielded digital cable is mainly used in the case of strong confidentiality or more interference, such as public security, banks, hospitals, government, military and other units.

  1. Install the difference

Non-shielded digital cable has no shielding layer, its diameter is relatively small, and the construction and installation is convenient.

The shielding wiring system must be fully shielded, and to ensure that the whole shielding system in the electrical performance of the overall connection, with good and reliable grounding; no fault, otherwise the fault part will cause the antenna effect, not only can not shield but even worse effect. Shield wiring system requires good grounding and construction and installation are more complex, with higher requirements.


The above is a simple introduction of the difference between the non-shielding and shielding of the comprehensive wiring system. There are obvious differences in the construction quality, construction period and investment. In the project, the non-shielding or shielding system should be adopted according to the project requirements.


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